Saturday, 19 May 2012

Wrap-up of all entries

Upload deadline reached!
Weeks of tension, excitement and lots of work are over.

And now: Enjoy Schoolovision 2012 in short clips!

Take a look at the great variety of entries and celebrate with us the fantastic achievements of this year's Schoolovision team.
(All entries in alphabetical order.)


Michael said...

Absolutely fantastic piece of work, Steffen! Thank you very much for being so quick with this.

AND- if anyone is wondering where the Czech Republic's entry is- don't worry- it will be on the blog before you are at school on Monday, so you and your pupils will be able to enjoy it then.

EmelEr said...

Hi from Turkey,

That's a wonderful output of this year's great work! We are all thankful to Michael and Steffen for giving us a chance to take part in such a successful project.
Actually all countries, all schools, all students and all works are Number 1.
Absolutely, we are all winners.
Thanks everyone! =)

Warmest Regards,

Jan Kåre said...

Thanks to Michael and Steffen for running this great project. Høknes school in Norway is very pleased to be a part of Schoolovision. Good luck in the voting to all the participating countries.

Enseignante,Corina Ciobanu said...

It's a great work we all did.
It'will be more then very hard to decide the best.
Congratulations everyone for the great job!
And good-luck!

remi said...

Wonderful piece of work! Congratulations to all of you, it is so difficult to choose 12 best among all these beautiful songs.
Once more, good luck to everyone!

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi all,

Great work Steffen!

I think a lot of effort has gone into the making of this fantastic wrap-up, but I'm sure it will be watched very much! So thanks for all your efforts!

This is the third year Belgium is in Schoolovision and every year the standards keep getting higher! In a couple of years we can create our on TV-channel, I think!:)

I absolutely love this project!!!

Best wishes to all!


Comenius-etwinning said...

dear friends, thank you for this amazing experience. It is the third year my students, 8 year old, are in schoolovision and this year they partecipated with more awareness, discussing videos and votes. I think this project gives to the students a great possibility to express themselves and to know the other cultures trough the joyful language of music.Thanks to Steffen and Michael that always support us giving us the right enthusiasm to go on in the project. We love etwinning, we love schoolovision!!! good luck to everyone

Steffen Töppler said...

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback! It's great to be part of such a vigorous and creative team.

valerie canty said...

Great work Steffen, thank you!!

Many thanks to Micheal for organizing such an exciting competition !!

Ursula said...

A big thank you to Steffen and Michael for the great work.It´s our fourth year we take part in Schoolovision and two girls of our team (Charlotte and Ronja)too!
Tomorrow it will really be very hard to choose te best songs because they are all "best"!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, that was a great wrap up of all the enteries.Well done.
From Lauren In Scotland

Sophia said...

We are really grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be part of schoolovision project for the first time. We feel very honored to represent our country. So thank you, Michael, for having invited us to join this amazing festival of diversity! This has been an awesome experience for our pupils and teachers who got to see so much of Europe in a glimpse:) Special thanks to Steffen for the tech support!
Looking back at what has been done, we can say, well done, everyone!
Ukrainian team.

Carla said...

Thanks again Steffen for you future vision about all things(I love wrap-up!!
I agree with Dave: "create our own TV-channel".
Presidents Mr Michael Purves and Mr Steffen Toppler, (a channel with two Presidents functions better). We could be a sort of advisors or agents cause we have lots of celebrities to show to the eTwinning world and the world besides this one.
Good Luck to all countries.
I love all the songs. They were fantastic but it was so difficult to choose only 10!!!
We (I and my students had a lot of discussions and they even established rules to vote besides the RULES!).
It was a great competition! I hope everyone enjoyed it.
I'm also proud to be a family- member of this project.
Lots of Hugs,
Carla- Portugal