Friday, 18 May 2012

Azerbaijan- Come to me!


remi said...

Well done girls!
Good luck from B&H!

Michael said...

Well done Azerbaijan- it was great to see your entry- and next week it will be the real thing in Baku!

Good luck from Scotland.

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Azerbaijan,

Nice first entry!

Good luck on the voting from Belgium!


Anonymous said...

Hi, very well done to your video.
From Lauren In Scotland

Svetoslava Georgieva said...

very nice! :))))))

Anonymous said...

Well done ang good job! Good luck

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Great singing! Your voices sound very beautiful.
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

valerie canty said...

Hi Azerbaijan
Good luck for the competition !

Júlía Iceland said...

good song the winner from Eurovision 2011