Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Basque Country "Ay eutsi bero"

Fifth graders from Urdaneta School have performed this famous song for everyone to join singing. Two weeks ago, while a Comenius meeting in Turkey all the children from the different five countries there, sang the song several times and enjoyed it.
Hope you sing with us!
Good luck everyone!


Steffen said...

Dear Rosa and kids in the Basque Country!

This is a very enjoyable performance of a song which is loved around the globe meanwhile, I guess.
It brings people in the mood to dance. Thank you for sharing this great fun with us!

(Rosa, I've helped a bit with the correct implementation of the embed code to make your video visible right away instead of following a link.
I hope that's ok with you.)

Michael said...

A lovely video which I enjoyed very much!

Good luck to the Basque Country from Scotland.

remi said...

Great video and singing!
Good luck from B&H

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Basque Country,

When being at sports camp, the students from our school danced to this song every morning before breakfast and they loved the song!

So, I think it will do very good on the voting!

Kind Belgian regards,


Ursula + Maria said...

Your music blows our mind ;))
Good luck from Austria

Anna-Lena said...

It was fun to hear the song in another language. Good dancing. Funny costumes.

Greece said...

Good luck!

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello from Canary Islands,
This song is very catchy and our children also danced it at Carnival time. Good luck!

Maria Antoinette said...

I like the song.

Shaisen from Malta

Maria Antoinette said...

Wow! This is my favourite song.

Martina P. from Malta

Marek Fularz said...

All the best form Poland:)

Neeme Kool said...

Cool song and funny costumes!
Good luck from Estonia!

valerie canty said...

Good luck from France!

Gunnar said...

regards Iceland

Anonymous said...

It was really wonderful to me podabało.

Anonymous said...

I like Michael Telo but your Basque wersion is much better.