Friday, 11 May 2012

Austria : Take my hand

Hello friends !

This year we like to present our "selfmade" song
and we hope that you´ll sing together with us .....

Where I live
the snow is white,
the grass is green
when the sun shines bright.
Where I live
the sky is blue,
take my hand
and I will show my world to you!


Michael said...

Hi Ursula and the kids from Austria!

I fixed the code, so the video would show properly. And, wow!!! The standards just keep getting better and better in SV12!

This is simply fantastic! What an incredibly cool bunch of rappers you have! An amazing video too, which made me smile all the way through.

Well done, and good luck from me in Scotland!

Sophia said...

Hello Austria:)
Lovely chorus:)Congratulations on such a creative entry! Loved the white T-shirts and sunglasses:)
from Ukraine

Steffen said...

Hallo an das österreichische Schoolovision-Team!

So ein schönes Video!
Worüber schwärmt man da am besten zuerst?
Vielleicht sagt es schon viel, wenn ich erzähle, dass ich die ganze Zeit über beim Anschauen ein breites Grinsen im Gesicht hatte.

Ein toller Beitrag von euch. Ein schönes Lied, viele bewegte Kinder, witzige Ideen und eine tolle Videoqualität mit eindrucksvollen Farben.
Schön, so viel von eurem Gelände zu sehen zu bekommen.
Kompliment an den Jungen mit der Luftgitarre und natürlich an alle Rapper!

Emma aus Kassel said...

Mir gefält euer Video sehr, sehr gut, vor allem der Saxophon-Teil.


Maria Antoinette said...

Hello Austria. Your song is brilliant and it reminded me a lot of my frequent visits to Austria during the summer holidays. The sky is blue in Malta too and the sun is bright an d hot but we have no snow!

Good Luck from Malta.

Anna-Lena said...

Good music, good singing! We like it! Good luck from Sweden!

Greece said...

Very very nice song...We felt happy watching it!! Good luck!

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Austria,

Cool video with a cool and catchy melody!

I like the girl playing the saxophone very much too! She is a real climax for this song!

Kind regards from Belgium,


remi said...

Go, Austria, go!
We like your song very much.
Good luck.

Lisa from Scotland said...

Love the rapping

Maria Antoinette said...

The song is awesome because it has the sound of the drum.

Shaisen from Malta

Maria Antoinette said...

A nice song.

Anthea A. from Malta

Maria Antoinette said...

I like "hip, hop."

Martina P. from Malta

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Fantastic song invented by your school. I love your T-shirts and I imagine they also your creation. Excellent choreography.
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...
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Marek Fularz said...

Hi Ursula!
You remind us of those amazing few hours in Wildbach.
Alles Gute aus Polen.:)

Loredana said...

we like your song, words and music are fantastic! good luck from Italy

Ursula + Maria said...

Thank you all for your kind friendly words!
We all like to have friends all over Europe and the whole world:)

Nadine said...

Hallo Österreich,

Wir wünschen euch viel Glück mit eurem kreativen Video. Super Beitrag von euch.

Servus aus Luxemburg

Ursula + Maria said...

Servus Nadine,
danke, aber wieso kannst du so gut "österreichisches" Deutsch?????
LG Ursula & Maria

Brigitta and Maria (Estonia) said...

Cool dance and funny song!

valerie canty said...

Hello Autria!
We like your song !
Good luck!

Anonymous said...


I like your rap.