Friday, 25 May 2012

The SV12 champions are...

Congratulations to the whole Schoolovision team of countries for a fantastic contest in 2012!
The votes have been counted, and the results are as follows!
Pupils from Høknes school in Norway celebrate the moment they learned they were crowned champions!

1st   Norway 288
2nd   Ukraine 206
3rd   Spain 188
4th   Scotland 182
5th   Austria 160
6th   Germany 148
7th   Iceland 130
8th   Czech Republic 96
9th   Georgia 87
10th   Bosnia Herzegovina 72
11th   Poland 70
12th   Russia 61
13th   Italy 56
14th   Cyprus 54
15th   Estonia 52
16th   Hungary 41
17th   Belgium 39
18th   Basque Country 36
19th   Latvia 32
20th   Greece 28
21st   Netherlands 27
22nd   England 21
23rd   Denmark 20
24th   Ireland 19
25th   Bulgaria 16
26th   Finland / Sweden / Turkey 12
29th   Luxembourg 10
30th   Romania / Wales 7
32nd   Lithuania 6
33rd   Portugal 4
34th   France 3
35th   Malta / Slovakia 1
37th   Azerbaijan / Croatia 0

The pupils in Norway celebrate as they hear the news!
I can only say a huge thank you to Steffen and his pupils for stepping in at the last minute to host today's Flashmeeting! You did really brilliantly- as did everyone else- so well done!

And it's a huge CONGRATULATIONS to NORWAY- to Jan Kare and his team for their FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL song, which captivated the children from across Europe.

I will be in touch over the weekend to arrange the posting of the trophy to you there in Høknes!

If you wish, you can watch the replay of the live vote here!


Sophia said...

What a fantastic experience! Congratulations Norway!
Congatulations to all schoolovisioners on such an outstanding acomplishment.
Our pupils and teachers are absolutely thrilled we came in second!!! Yay!!!
Ukrainian team.

Ursula + Maria said...

Thank you all!!!
We are so thoroughly happy about our fifth place!!!
Ursula, Maria and the kids of Austria

Tay said...

Congratulations to the winners!!! Scotland was my favorite because is very fun, but must be recognized the excelent videoclip from Norway like MTV

Lauren A said...

Well done Norway, your video was great. Well done on winning!! x

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi all,

Congratulations to NORWAY for winning the Schoolovision 2012-trophy! My students really loved your videoclip! It was a real professional one with very good singing and superb camerawork!

I think the standards for this years edition were very very high! It was a real joy to watch all of the different entries!

We definitely hope to compete in next years edition!

Well done all and "tot ziens" (goodbye)!

Dave from Belgium

English teacher said...

Congratulations to all the countries.
You all worked hard and all of you are the winners since our children have had a lot of fun and they have learned a lot.
For my school, it has been great opportunity to work together in something really funny.
We got the best prize: having the chance to exchange our music, traditions, landscapes,... and the satisfaction of working with great people like you .
We want to repeat this experience again next year.
A huge hug from Canary Islands, Spain.

niki said...

Congratulations Norway!!!you did it.Your videoclip was amazing... we enjoy it very much!!!

from Cyprus