Thursday, 10 May 2012

Germany - Nur ein Wort (just one word)

"Nur ein Wort" was the winning title out of 11 entries in our annual school singing festival.
Like with Schoolovision the number of participants but also the quality of the performances is increasing year by year and has meanwhile reached impressive standards.

After we received our "go" from the song writers "Wir sind Helden" we got to work. With this year's entry we wanted to produce a small declaration of love for our city of Kassel.
In our video you can see some of Kassel's popular sights like the Hercules statue which overlooks Kassel. It marks the highest point of "Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe", the largest hillside park in Europe.

Later the girls can be seen in front of the "Museum Fridericianum" which housed the first parliament on German territory. This was during the reign of Jérôme Bonaparte (1807-1813) when Kassel was the capital of the Kingdom of Westphalia.

Today this building is home of various exhibitions. Once in five years it becomes the centre of the dOCUMENTA exhibition which takes place again this summer and attracts visitors from around the world. The dOCUMENTA (meanwhile #13) left many traces in the cityscape like the "man walking to the sky".

Only a few steps away from there one can find the CARICATURA, our museum of funny art which erected the I-monument (ICH-Denkmal) during the "dOCUMENTA XII".

Apart from the tourist sights our video features:
- KONRAD, the newly introduced bike rental system in Kassel
- the OH!, which was made especially for this video from material like we use for our mattrasses
- of course our school and its neighbourhood Marbachshöhe
- and our sheep that the pupils, parents and staff take care of.

Though this was not "just one word" we still hope that you will enjoy our entry. And if you consider a visit to Kassel some day (or even during this summer to see the dOCUMENTA) we will most happily show you more of our home town.


Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Germany,

Wow Steffen, this is really an amazing song and video!

Its a real sing-along song which sounds familiar from the first time you hear it, cheerful and very catchy!

Congratulations on an excellent video as well: colorful, surprising, optimistic and sometimes very funny (especially the bleating goat)!

Definitely my favorite so far!

If it were my choice: Germany:12 points!

Good luck from Belgium!


Jan Kåre said...

Congratulation to Steffen, his team and to the German students. What a great song and video. Greetings from Norway.

Sophia said...

What a fantastic video! Great message (though I don't understand a word:)Congrats, Germany! And thanks for sharing all your experiences with us:)

Michael said...

Absolutely fabulous video and song, Steffen!

I've now watched it a few times and it really grows on you- it has everything!

AND- it's a first for you- it's MUCH earlier than previous years! You must be getting seriously good at this editing now!!

Good luck from me in Scotland!

Ursula + Maria said...

Hello neighbours,
we like this song - especially your version of it and the video!
Good luck from Austria

LaraB said...

Hi Steffen, Hi Girls,
the video with impressions from Kassel and the Freie Schule is great. Also the interpretation of this song and the funny girls. I wish you good luck for the contest. Go for schoolovision 2012, toi, toi, toi.

Christine said...

I really like the video, it is funny,interesting,versatile - just fabulous. You really visited all the most favourite palces in Kassel - great.

Anna-Lena said...

Good voices, good video, good guitar playing, good rhytms, good songs! Oh, my God, this movie has everything! Good luck from Sweden!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Every year better and better.
Go on Germany:)

Anonymous said...

Great, i'm very impressed!You're the winner :)


Steffen said...

Thank you, Ingrid!
Your feedback is very valuable for me, especially since your own entries were amongst my favourites during the past years.

Steffen said...

And thank you, Jessi, as well!
Thanks for your splendid support.

I'm not sure about winning, but that's of minor importance, anyway. The best thing about this project is to be able to watch all the brilliant entries. They make me so proud to be part of the Schoolovision team, this very special European community.

Maria Antoinette said...

Hi Steffen. Wonderful song, wonderful video and wonderful children. Good luck from Malta.

Anonymous said...

nificib itectorsHi Germany,
Hi Kassel,
it is an amazing Song, a wonderfull Performance an a very nice Clip.

Greating from Cologne

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Steffen et les élèves de Kassel! Votre travail est vraiment formidable et le résultat est amusant. Qui peut résister à danser avec vous tous? Bonne réception de medaille que vous êtes presque sûre de gagner! BD, de Paris, France

van laer nick said...

well done

Greece said...

Good job kids and good luck!

remi said...

Nur ein wort- ausgezeichnet!

Good luck from B&H

Anonymous said...

Brilliant film and song and lovely singing.

Daisy and Ella from Scotland said...

Very well done to you all, it was really good!! We all enjoyed it very much!! from Daisy and Ella at Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I thought the chorus was "Better get me a new ipod" at first!

Caitlin from Scotland xx

Maria Antoinette said...

A beautiful song. I like it.
Juan from Malta

Maria Antoinette said...

I like it when they ride the bikes.

Shaisen from Malta

Maria Antoinette said...

A fun song.

Cherise from Malta

Maria Antoinette said...

I really like this video.

Martina P. from Malta

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Very happy and funny song and video. Wishing to be there, in those beautiful places.
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Anonymous said...

This is really an amazing song and nice video! Our pupils like it very much. Good luck!

Marek Fularz said...

Hi Steffen!
Where is this monument with the inscription I?
Alles Gute aus Polen.:)

Jeck said...

Oh ja!
Wir lieben den Song und die verrückten Girlie's. Well done, Hut ab vor eurer Leistung.
Good luck from Luxemburg!!!!

Steffen said...

Thanks for your interest, Marek!

I just updated my post and added
some information about the places
which are featured in our video.

Does this answer your question?

Courtnet and Emma from scotland said...

Love the song, good luck in the competition

Maike said...

this is amazing!
You're showing all the nice places of Kassel while singing one of my favourite songs! Seems it has been very funny performig the "oh"

Congrats - and good luck!

hannah said...

Very good song!!
My favorite so far!
Its very good singing and good quality!
Well done!
Greetings from Belguim!

Stien België said...

hello this is awfully good and cool greetings

Janssens Siebe said...

This is a very beautiful video.
I think you certainly can win with this video.
Good luck.
Janssens of Siebe from Belguim.

Marek Fularz said...

If I understood well, you invite us to Kassel??
I'm thinking about it..

inte from belgium said...

Great song. I like it a lot.

Steffen said...

Certainly, Marek.
You are most welcome!

(especially after Dresden didn't work out :-)

valerie canty said...

Hi Steffen !
Congratulations, you made a wonderful videao along with a very good song !
Best whishes from France !

voelkerfamilie said...

cool idea - well executed - great cut - amazing song and video

Bravo Steffen!

Good luck

Katharina Island said...

Das mag ich,Good luck.

rosa basque country said...

We would love to visit you castle!
We´ll see it it happens.
From the Basque Country